Monday, October 27, 2014

Most Helpful Economy Add-ons for World of Warcraft



Auctioneer is an add-on I have been using since I first learned of add-ons. This has has several changes over the years, making it into a very powerful tool for auction house shopping. Be sure when using this to keep frequent scans of your auction house, as this add-on functions based on these scans. My favorite feature of this add-on is the search tab (shown above). This allows you to find items for low prices and flip them for a profit in several different ways. If I were to recommend a wonderful stand-alone auction house and gold add-on, this would have to be the one. You can do just about anything with this add-on.


Tycoon is an add-on I have been using for over a year now, and I have to say, it has worked its way up to my list of favorite add-ons. This add-on has four different ways you can earn gold. There is the auctions tab, which finds items at a low price and shows you what days they sell for higher so that you can profit. Next is the gathering tab, which takes into account your mining or herbalism skill and tells you what items you can gather for the most profit. This tab looks similar to the farming tab shown above, and includes competition for that item, how well the item is currently selling, and how much you stand to profit after an hour of gathering. The best thing about this is after you select what you'd like to gather, Tycoon draws a route for you to follow in the suggested zone that takes you passed all nodes within the zone. This, used with gathermate, make for an extremely powerful tool for building up your wow coin purse. The next tab is farming, which anyone can do. This tab shows items that drop off of certain mobs, and shows the same information as the gathering tab. This tab also covers your skinning profession, if you have it. When you select an item for this tab, it shows you the whereabouts of the mobs you need to kill for the item. Lastly, there is the crafting tab. This is exactly what it sounds like. It includes the same information as the gathering and farming tabs, but instead of gathering, this tab is for your crafting professions. It tells you the best items to create and sell for high profits. Ultimately, I have to say this is the single most useful tool in my arsenal when it comes to World of Warcraft. If you'd like to check it out, I have a full review on my website, but to skip that and go straight to the add-on's site, click here.


Auctionator is yet another auction house add-on. Although less complex than Auctioneer, this add-on still has some useful features. This is yet another add-on that requires you to scan the auction house frequently. This then uses those scans to find average prices and makes it incredibly easy to buy and sell items on the auction house. My favorite thing about this add-on is that it works very well with Dynasty's Tycoon WoW Gold Add-on, mentioned above.

TradeSkillMaster 2

TradeSkillMaster is last on my list for only one reason--it's not plug and play like other add-ons. You have to know how to set up groups and operations, but when you figure out how to set the system up, it's one of the most useful add-ons that exist for World of Warcraft. When set up, this add-on allows you to craft and even sell multiple items with just a few easy clicks. This is about as close to automation as you can get with crafting and selling. I have loved every moment of this add-on, as it has made my life (or World of Warcraft life) much easier.

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