Friday, October 24, 2014

Most Helpful Websites for World of Warcraft


This one is fairly helpful. There's plenty of useful information here, posted and edited by the players. This site is similar to the famous Wikipedia, but altered to include only World of Warcraft-related information. You can get to the site by clicking here.


This is my favorite and in my opinion one of the most useful sites out there related to World of Warcraft. This site has just about anything you could possibly need, from spell descriptions to quest objective locations and more. This site should definitely be in your bookmarks if you're a WoW player. Wowhead can be found here.

This is the home page for World of Warcraft. Although I do not use this regularly, I know that the forums on the site are packed full of useful information posted by fellow World of Warcraft players. If you are unable to find the information you need elsewhere, this is the place to go. I can't think of anything you wouldn't be able to find here posted by other players. Click here to access this resource.


I find myself using this site more often than not. This is a great place to upload armory information on your characters and gather lists of potential upgrades, as well as optimized specializations, reforges, and more. This site will help you to fully optimize your max-level characters for any situation. Click here to get started.


Prior to discovering AskMrRobot, this was my go-to site. It is very similar to AskMrRobot, except it does not allow upload of characters to optimize based on what you have. This is general information on the best class/spec combinations with more of a 25-man raid mindset. If this is what you're looking for, you can find Noxxic here.

Closing Statement

Ultimately, I have to say that these are some of the frontrunners when it comes to finding useful information on this popular MMO. Of course, there are probably many more that I have not listed here. If you have any other useful sites that you personally use, don't be afraid to leave a comment and let me know. I am always looking for new and useful sites! And stay tuned, as I will be releasing lists of useful add-ons in the near future.

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