Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Star Wars Galaxies

Yes, you heard me right. I am going old school with this post. I feel that this is a game that needs mentioning.

For those of you who may not know, Star Wars Galaxies was an MMORPG created based on the Star Wars universe. This game was a huge turning point for MMOs, as it was the first that allowed you to play several different roles on one character. Players were given the option to choose which professions they may like to try, including combat professions such as Teras Kasi (my favorite) and Bounty Hunter. If combat was not something you were interested in, you could choose to make an artisan character and craft items to sell to other players. These professions included Armorsmith, Weaponsmith, Droid Engineer, and more. There was also the oh-so-fun Creature Handler profession, with which you could tame and train creatures as you raised them to adulthood. 

Ultimately, no matter the profession, most had the goal of eventually attaining Jedi, which, in this game, meant several months to years of work. Upon release, the Jedi system included holocrons in which you were given professions to master on the path to force sensitivity. Jedi also at this point had what was called permadeath, which meant upon death they would need to start completely over... thus making it even more important that they didn't use force powers or lightsabers in public, as this would generate visibility and eventually lead to bounties placed on their heads.

I feel that not too many people got to enjoy the game before Sony decided to make "upgrades", which led to the downfall of the game. Jedi became attainable from the start, gameplay got less smooth and felt more like a first-person shooter. Overall, the game just took a gigantic dump.

To those who don't know, however, there has been hard work put in to rebuilding the game and keeping it at a level prior to Sony's downgrades. This pre-CU emulator, titled SWGemu, can be found here.

Be sure to take a look at the wonderful work these developers have put into the game so far. I would say for any MMO fan this is a definite must-see!

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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dynasty WoW Add-on Suite Review

Dynasty WoW Add-ons Review

I want to make sure that I take some time to let you all know about the Dynasty WoW Add-ons. I have been using these add-ons for over a year now and I need to get the word out, as this suite has helped me quite a bit in my own endeavors. I will break down each add-on within the suite and give my opinions on each, as well as a description of what they are.


First, let's start with Tycoon, Dynasty's WoW gold guide add-on. Of every add-on in the suite, I have to say that this is my personal favorite. It has opened up so many opportunities for me in respect to earning more WoW gold. This add-on works closely with an auction house add-on called Auctionator (I believe Auctioneer can also be used). After a few scans of the auction house through Auctionator, you can begin to see numbers averaging out. You can then open Tycoon and use one of the several choices of money making schemes. If you have gathering skills such as mining, you can go to the gathering tab and Tycoon will tell you what you can gather for the highest profit, based on your auction house scanning information. If you have crafting skills, you can also use the crafting skill to see what puts out the highest profit. Don't be discouraged if you don't have any trade skills, though. You can also go to the farming tab, and it will show you items that you can obtain by killing certain mobs in certain zones, and which put out the most profit. The best thing about this add-on, in my opinion, is that when you select what item you would like to gather/farm, Tycoon places a gathering "zone" or route in the zone where you can find the item. If mining, it will place a route to follow in the zone that takes you passed most mining nodes in that zone, if not all.


Let's move on now to the next add-on. Ranked second in my opinion, is Booster. This add-on has a very helpful WoW leveling guide that shows you what quests to take and exactly where to go to complete them. This add-on makes leveling much quicker, as it always takes the shortest path through the leveling process. It will show you which quests to complete and in which order. One neat feature about this add-on is that it has separate guides for both alliance and horde leveling, and covers just about any zone within the game. The guide even shows what level ranges are recommended for each zone, so that you can pick the zone that is most closely linked to your current level. This add-on also has an arrow that you can move anywhere within your UI that will point directly to your next objective and tells you how far away it is from you. I have found this to be very helpful in leveling my alts.


Although I personally do not put much use into the next add-on, I can see how it could be very helpful for newer players, or even veterans who just want to find alternatives or even better ways to specialize their characters. This add-on, known as Edge, is a guide on how you may set up your character based on what you would like to do. If you feel as though you want to compete in some PvP battlegrounds or arenas, Edge will tell you the pros and cons of each specialization in regards to PvP utility. This also applies to PvE, if you are not into the PvP aspects of the game. This guide includes all classes and specializations, and if you find a setup that you might want to try, you can set Edge to auto-spec your character's talents. This guide also suggests what glyphs to use for your specific class and spec.


Last, but absolutely not least, is the Impulse add-on. This one has some potentially neat features. You can use this add-on to set up certain keybinds, for example you can easily set it so that shift and alt can  control your extra toolbars. For example, you can set shift + 1 to control the first slot on your 2nd or 3rd toolbar, and so on. This add-on lets you set up a whole toolbar with just one click, rather than going into settings and changing each individually. Aside from this, there is my favorite feature of this add-on. It includes a tab on which you can find several useful macros for your class, and these macros can be programmed into your character's macro list with just the click of a button, making your gameplay so much easier. I have found use in several of the macros listed for every one of my classes.

Closing Words

The only downfall with these add-ons is that they are not free. However, I have to say that I bought these add-ons thinking that I was going to be wanting my money back within a week, and now I have been using them for over a year. They have proven to be extremely useful in my gameplay and I would recommend them to anyone who doesn't mind dropping a one-time payment on some of the most useful add-ons I have come across.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review! If you've found any of my information intriguing, feel free to check out more information on the add-ons and see what they look like at the link HERE. :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

     Oh my goodness! I am not entirely done with the game; I may not even be close to finish. However, I wanted to take a moment to express my humble opinion.

     In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, once again you are playing the famous (for Witcher fans) Geralt of Rivia. I have to say that this game is the first game since, potentially, Shadow of Mordor that has had me hooked to the point of consuming me. I am often afraid to pick this game up and play, as sometimes I do not know when to put it down. Every benchmark I reach makes way to a new and more interesting one. The story line in this game is absolutely stunning. I have not been so interested in a "story" in ages. Typically, I can not stand games that do not allow me to just start up and jump to online immediately, but I have to say I am making a huge exception to that rule with this one. I am always having to play the next quest, just to see what happens next in the story. I have already invested several hours into this and expect to be investing several more (potentially even upon completion of this blog).

     With every great game, however, there is bound to be some kind of downfall, and in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, that downfall is easily Roach--the noble steed. While being able to carry trophies on his back that, in most cases, look downright amazing, the harsh reality exists that Roach is what's holding this game back from stardom. Though he provides fast transportation from quest to quest, it doesn't take long to realize that this humble and loyal steed is also possibly the most annoying part of the game. It's so easy for him to get caught up on objects, and when he does, turning him around to get back on track is, in most cases, a chore. The control process involved with riding feels so sluggish, and when attempts are made at turning around, it may take up to a second or two for Roach to actually respond and carry out the command. Getting through this game without Roach would be tedious, but getting through the game with him is, at times, a pain. I won't even get into the fact that, when on auto-pilot, his ability to stay on a trail can be abysmal.

     With that said, I feel that the Roach mechanics are a small oversight on the developer's part, and do not feel, in any way, that it takes away from the sheer excitement of playing this game. I know that I can not give a full review of the game, considering I have not seen all of it yet, but at this point I would have to give it a 9 out of 10.

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Whoa! What a break!

     Alright! So after a long break and a lot of planning, I think I have come up with some sort of template for the blog and my website. I will be putting loads of work into both for the upcoming weeks, so there may potentially be some big changes coming, depending on how feisty I get with this. I hope that all of my past readers are seeing this and hope that I can start providing new and exciting content for my readers. I am currently working my way through The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, so expect to see a post or two coming soon regarding that. So far, I have to say that I am loving it, but that is for another day.

     I am an affiliate for some of the products that I may or may not throw into my posts (I have in past posts but I may steer clear for a while with future posts). The thing is, however, that if I am promoting something on my blog, it's because it's something that I completely swear by. I will take the time to use products before even considering adding them here, but I can promise you that if they're here, they're probably worth the money. Some may disagree with me on certain things, but I am not on here to feed you garbage. I am writing about something I enjoy and if you're taking the time to read, then I don't want to be blasting your eyeballs out with useless garbage.

     Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read, and I hope to see some of you back here again soon as I start to put out more posts on my gaming experiences.